La Rocca

Riva Faraldi, Golfo Dianese
Riva Faraldi
2 Rooms, 9 Guests
In-Home Meals


The La Rocca farmhouse is located in Riva Faraldi, on the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, and is situated in a valley of peace and tranquility–outside the hustle and bustle of city traffic–just 6 km from the beaches of the Golfo Dianese. The surrounding olive trees paint the landscape green while the magnificent sea view completes the picture with the blue Ligurian Sea. The family management testifies to the strong bond with the Ligurian territory, such that the La Rocca project has become a true lifestyle to be shared with the guests of the facility.

In fact, the farm is an extraordinary opportunity to live an immersive experience, through a sensory tour that starting from the cultivated land leads to the discovery and tasting of olive oil, Ligurian gold, the result of hard work and witness of a great passion that is transmitted from generation to generation. The quiet of the countryside makes La Rocca the ideal place for your relaxing stay – just a few minutes drive from the beaches and the sea – and for trips to discover historic Ligurian villages and cities such as Sanremo and Alassio but also the French Riviera, through cultural itineraries, hiking trails and more.


We are a typical Ligurian family, discreet and reserved but with our doors and hearts always open.

Stefano and Laure


Oil, Olives and more

The La Rocca farm is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of several olive groves of the Taggiasca cultivar, from which a sweet and delicate extra-virgin olive oil and Taggiasca olives in brine are obtained, products whose absolute quality is increasingly recognized even at the international level.

The La Rocca farm is located in the municipality of Villa Faraldi and grows about 1,800 century-old olive trees of monocultivar Taggiasca spread over an area of 6 hectares. All the land has the typical Ligurian “fasce” made with dry stone walls, some of which have recently been rebuilt. The plants are pruned in polyconic pots to optimize pruning and harvesting times and to improve the quality of production. A drip irrigation system has been installed in some olive groves to provide the right amount of water while minimizing waste. The olive harvesting system is exclusively manual and makes use of ground nets and mechanical facilitators, such as electric and burst shakers.

The harvest each evening is brought to the farm where it is defoliated before being transported to the nearby oil mill. Here, the largest olives are selected by a special machine that-after grading-allots them to the production of jars of olives in brine. The olives, fresh from the day, are immediately delivered to a semi-traditional mill with stone millstones, so that the cold extraction of extra virgin olive oil can proceed. This operation produces a high-quality oil, which is transported directly to the storage plant in stainless steel drums while awaiting packaging operations.

The apartments

Agriturismo La Rocca is based in Riva Faraldi and has two independent apartments with a total of 9 beds that are rented to guests from all over Europe and the world. Much appreciated is the setting in which the facility is located: a wonderful expanse of olive trees, fruit trees, citrus trees and vegetable garden complete with a small greenhouse. Part of the fruit and vegetable production of this charming environment is transformed into products available to guests, so as to ensure a quality tourist experience, totally immersed in the local culture. The quiet and tranquility of the facility, in the center of a closed valley with little traffic, allows for safe relaxation and a stay dedicated to well-being while still being able to count on a convenient connection to the main towns in the area via the San Bartolomeo al Mare highway junction, just over 6 km from the farmhouse.

La Rocca provides two apartments: Ponente (for 5 people) and Levante (for 4 people). They both have a separate entrance, fully equipped kitchen, double bedroom, sofa bed or single beds (camping bed on request), terrace, private bathroom, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi. From both apartments there is access to an outdoor area equipped with a small table, chairs and a small barbecue, for outdoor breakfasts and lunches. Pets are welcome as long as they are used to living in the house, without damaging furniture, beds and equipment.


     The prices indicated include the supply of bed linen and towels: if the guest requests it during the stay, a change is possible at an additional cost of 10.00 € per person.
    Also excluded is the 40.00 € fee provided for final cleaning, which will be charged at the time of booking. During the stay the cleaning and tidying of the apartment is the responsibility of the guest, who may request an additional cleaning and tidying service at a cost of 20.00 €.


      Tour of the Taggiasca variety olive groves and tasting of extra virgin olive oil and olives
      At the La Rocca farm in Villa Faraldi – located in the valley of oil, the Riviera Ligure di Ponente – you can attend a lecture on extra virgin olive oil and its history. This is an excellent opportunity to learn all the secrets of the area’s main gastronomic product and to discover the thousand-year-old passion that is passed down from generation to generation with total respect for the land.

      You will begin your experience discovering the monovarietal olive oil of the Taggiasca cultivar and the methods of cultivation and harvesting of the olive, with a tour of an olive grove in the hills at an altitude of 100 m, located at the bottom of the valley, and then move by caravan, with your car following the company’s vehicle.

      You will end your visit with an arrival at the venue, in a quaint inland Ligurian village in the hills 170 m above sea level, from where there is a view of the sea to the south 6 km away. Here, at the Agriturismo, there will be a guided tasting of extra virgin olive oil from the Taggiasca cultivar from table olives and pate, all products of La Rocca.

        Ponente Apartment

        The Ponente apartment can accommodate a maximum of 5 people and consists of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, double bedroom in which there is a double sofa bed, second bedroom and terrace. From the terrace, a ladder leads to the outdoor area where you can sit for breakfast or lunch or simply enjoy some sun. The apartment is equipped with TV and free Wi-fi.

          Levante Apartment

          The Levante apartment can accommodate a maximum of 4 people and consists of a kitchen-living area in which a double sofa bed is also placed, bathroom with bathtub, double bedroom and terrace. From the terrace there is direct access to the outdoor area equipped with table, chairs and barbecue. The apartment is equipped with TV and free Wi-fi.




            Ask Laure directly

            THE PLACES

            Depart from La Rocca to discover the Riviera di Ponente

            Discover the different points of interest that can be easily reached from the farmhouse

            Hiking in the Gulf of Diana

            There is a network of hiking and biking trails in the Dianese Gulf, which traverse picturesque scenery and landscapes. The trails are varied and are divided into five main routes: green, yellow, blue, purple and red (you can find details on the website of the Municipality of San Bartolomeo al Mare). In addition, there are also numerous routes that can be walked: choose one of the loops immersed in the Mediterranean maquis with sea views that this area offers. On the Dianese Outdoor website the most common itineraries are published with gps coordinates and details regarding difficulty, length, slope and duration.

            Riva + Villa Faraldi

            Riva Faraldi is one of the hamlets of the municipality of Villa Faraldi in the upper valley of the Steria stream, a place immersed in the green of olive trees and the tranquillity of the countryside. Without straying too far from La Rocca, it is possible to walk through nature and reach the village’s churches and the Roman bridge at Molini. Proceeding towards Villa Faraldi, on the other hand, you come to the Parish Church of San Lorenzo Martire with its churchyard, from which there is a splendid view. The church sacristy houses an important tombstone on which is engraved the oldest Roman inscription found in Liguria.


            For those who love the sea, the beaches of Diano Marina and Alassio are the ideal destination. From Agriturismo la Rocca you can travel by car and easily reach the private beaches of Diano Marina, where after a dip in the sea you cannot miss a walk in the pedestrian area of the pretty town. If, on the other hand, you prefer to move from the Gulf of Diano, you can head towards Savona and reach Alassio. This town has beautiful beaches of fine sand from which you can admire the Gallinara Island. Behind them is the ‘budello’, full of shops of all kinds where you can indulge in an afternoon of shopping.

            Ligurian Alps Park

            A perfect destination for sportsmen and mountain lovers is the Park of the Ligurian Alps, one of the three Protected Areas in Liguria certified by the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism. Its seven municipalities offer outdoor activities for all tastes: from mountain biking to trekking, from canyoning to climbing, from paragliding to Nordic Walking. The embarrassment of choice continues in the cultural offerings: the park is dotted with churches, museums and structures overflowing with history. In addition, the events organised in the various municipalities are the perfect opportunity to discover the customs, traditions and typical cuisine of these wonderful territories.


            The Dianese Gulf is home to two of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Cervo and Diano Castello.
            In the village of Cervo, close to the sea, is the splendid church of San Giovanni Battista, known as ‘dei Corallini’, a true symbol, thanks to its beauty and its position that makes it visible from the Via Aurelia in all its splendour. Wandering around the village you can also find the Clavesana Castle with the Ethnographic Museum of the Ponente, the Oratory of Santa Caterina, numerous handicraft workshops and ancient noble palaces ready to leave you speechless.
            Leaving Diano Marina, on the other hand, after a few hairpin bends, you arrive at Diano Castello and its marvellous village. The main attraction is the architectural complex that includes the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Franciscan Friars’ convent. But visiting the village of Diano Castello also means strolling through the old walls, passing on the typical cobblestone pavement, which often conceals mysterious images and motifs. Another evocative route is the one that follows the ancient lone: the village is in fact characterised by a real labyrinth of artificial caves dug into the rock – soft but impermeable – to collect rainwater and keep it clean and cool.

            Côte d'Azur

            One of the fortunes of the province of Imperia is its proximity to the French border, so why not take advantage of it? With only an hour’s drive towards Ventimiglia, you can reach the Côte d’Azur. The picturesque villages of the French Riviera have inspired some of the greatest artists of the 20th century and their vibrant colours continue to fascinate tourists from all over the world every day. You can take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, enter the Monte Carlo Casino and visit Cannes, the European capital of cinema. The list is still long, it’s up to you to choose what to focus on during your visit.


            During your stay you can visit Imperia, the provincial capital, divided into two parts. The eastern one is called Oneglia with its lively and colourful port, where in the evening you can dine under the portico of Calata Cuneo, a meeting point for tourists and locals. Oneglia is also home to Villa Grock, the villa of one of the world’s most famous clowns, and the Olive Tree Museum. The western part, on the other hand, is called Porto Maurizio and is home to the old town centre. Here you can stroll through the ancient area of Parasio between the striking Logge di Santa Chiara and the elegant Cathedral of San Maurizio. Another popular spot is the Marina di Porto, with its pier from which you can enjoy the view of a breathtaking sunset.